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Top 5 Bicycle Brands in India

In this article, we will delve into the top 5 bicycle brands in India, uncovering what sets them apart and why they have earned a coveted place in the hearts of cyclists nationwide. From established giants with decades of legacy to innovative newcomers making waves, each brand contributes uniquely to India's vibrant cycling culture.

Here's our top 5 list:

Having accumulated more than six decades of expertise in the Indian bicycle industry, this brand has firmly established itself in the Indian market and risen to prominence as a significant player in the global bicycle manufacturing landscape. Its reach extends far beyond India, as it ships its products to over 70 different countries worldwide.

Hero bicycles are embraced by a wide spectrum of cyclists due to their diverse range of top-notch bikes, catering to riders of all ages, from children to adults.

Specializing in all-terrain bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, and electric cycles designed for kids, adults, and women, Hero Cycles has a comprehensive lineup to meet various biking needs.


1. Presents budget-friendly pricing.

2. Delivers a more comfortable and seamless riding experience.

3. Offers lightweight bicycles across all categories.

4. Provides a range of both geared and single-speed bicycles.

5. Utilizes advanced gear mechanisms for seamless gear shifting.

6. Manufactures bicycles in both standard and premium segments.


1. Exhibits a deficiency in design.

2. Some bicycle models do not come equipped with bottle holders and mudguards.

Check out their range here .

Hercules Cycles stands as one of the leading gear cycle brands in India, enjoying immense popularity within the Indian market. Virtually every store proudly carries a selection of the finest Hercules cycles.

Bicycles produced by this company offer great value for money, making them accessible to a wide range of individuals. Hercules is also renowned for its Ranger bicycles in India; Ranger bicycles are essentially hybrid bikes and have garnered significant popularity in the state of Bihar, India.

Among the best-selling Hercules cycles available in both online and brick-and-mortar stores are the Hercules Roadeo NFS, Hercules Dynor RF, Hercules S26, Flunk RF, and Hercules Hister.


1. Budget-friendly, accessible to everyone.

2. Features dedicated bicycles for women and children.

3. Boasts an extensive selection of bike types, including road, hybrid, MTB, and ranger models.

4. Readily available in 90% of bicycle shops.

5. Offers both geared and single-speed bicycles.

6. Renowned for its top-notch ranger bicycles.


1. Absence of premium segment bicycles.

Check out the Hercules cycle range here

BSA stands as one of the most venerable bicycle brands in India, with its inception dating back to 1949 when the Murugappa Group, in collaboration with Tube Investments (UK), established it.

BSA has earned recognition for introducing some of the pioneering bicycles to the Indian market, pioneering the launch of its first cycle in every category, including MTB, geared cycles, kids' cycles, and ladies' cycles, among others.

Moreover, the company also holds ownership of several other renowned top-tier bicycle brands in India, such as Hercules, Montra, and Ladybird, which we will delve into further in this article.

In terms of BSA cycle attributes, these bikes are constructed from a range of materials, including carbon fiber, aluminum, and steel, ensuring a diverse selection that caters to various preferences and needs.

Among the BSA offerings, the BSA Ladybird cycle stands out as one of the most beloved bicycles in India, particularly cherished by women. Their widespread popularity is evident, as you've likely encountered them frequently, cementing BSA's status as one of the foremost cycling brands in India.


1. Ideal for children and women.

2. Effortless to operate and characterized by a lightweight build.

3. The utilization of carbon fiber material enhances bike durability, strength, and reduces weight.

4. Features a well-positioned saddle and improved braking responsiveness.

5. Incorporates the Shimano Derailleur System, which enhances performance (in geared cycles).

6. Budget-conscious pricing.


1. Primarily designed for kids' and women's bicycles.

2. Best suited for riders who prefer a more leisurely pace.

check out BSA cycle range here

Firefox Bikes have garnered a widespread following due to their exceptional quality. The brand's establishment in 2005 was driven by a mission to promote cycling as a viable mode of transportation.

Over time, Firefox has risen to become a distinguished premium bicycle brand in India. Their product range encompasses bicycles and components tailored to diverse demographics, including kids, women, off-road enthusiasts, city commuters, hybrid bike enthusiasts, and BMX riders.

For those seeking to purchase Firefox bicycles, worry not; they are readily available on popular online platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart. You can also explore local brick-and-mortar cycling stores across India or conveniently make your purchase on the official Firefox website.

Noteworthy models from Firefox include the Firefox Bikes Bad Attitude, Firefox Bikes Cyclone Series, Firefox Bikes Voya Hybrid City Cycle, and the Tornado, each boasting a suite of impressive features deserving of your attention.

In sum, Firefox stands as a reputable bicycle manufacturing company in India. If you're considering investing in a Firefox bicycle, I've authored an article elucidating why Firefox bicycles may carry a higher price tag than other options in the Indian market – a must-read for prospective buyers.


1. Suited for individuals of all age brackets.

2. Primarily specializing in road, MTB, and hybrid bicycles.

3. Utilizes top-tier materials in the crafting of its bicycles.


1. The use of premium materials results in a slightly higher price point for the bicycles.

Check out Firefox Bike range here

The Avon brand stands out for producing top-quality bicycles at highly competitive prices, ensuring accessibility for everyone. This brand boasts a rich history as one of the oldest bicycle manufacturers in India, with its establishment dating back to 1948.

Initially, Avon started as a saddle and brake manufacturing company. However, in 1951, inspired by the Pahwa brothers from Punjab, they ventured into the bicycle manufacturing industry. The original goal was to create bicycles that met the needs of the common Indian people, a concept that epitomizes the saying "Necessity is the Mother of Invention."

Today, Avon offers a diverse range of bicycles designed for individuals of all age groups. When it comes to the variety of models and types of cycles available, Avon excels, offering an extensive lineup of over 200 different models.

Some of their most highly regarded and best-selling cycles include the Avon Sherry 26T, Avon Gennow, and Neowave. These cycles are celebrated for their exceptional quality, featuring comfortable adjustable saddles (seats), robust tires, and sturdy double-wall rims.


1. Features single-wall alloy rims.

2. Their visual appeal is truly captivating.

3. Delivers a premium riding experience to cyclists.

4. Equipped with a comfortable adjustable saddle, long-lasting tires, and a convenient side stand.

5. Boasts an extensive selection of over 200 different bicycle models, characterized by stylish and contemporary designs.


1. The cost of bicycle servicing is on the higher side.

2. Gear bicycles are not part of their product range.

Check out Avon cycles here

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